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Many people in the world are on the autistic spectrum. The current estimate, according to the CDC, is 2% of the US population. If you extrapolate this number globally, there are 158 million people in the world that are on the spectrum. We are in every country, of every religious denomination, ethnicity, and in any industry that you can imagine.

How many people do you know that have some of these traits? Look at your coworkers, friends, and family members. I’m sure there are many people that you know that display some similar qualities, as we tend to stick to…

Learn the signs so you can help guide others

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Over the past year, I learned that I am most likely on the spectrum. It explains why I struggled so much as a child and young adult. This was why I went completely inward as a child. The world just felt too complex and difficult for me. I can empathize with the accounts of others that had a late (past childhood) diagnosis and how suddenly everything seems to make sense.

I faced issues in relationships with friends, at work, at home, while dating, during my first marriage, basically everywhere. …

So have yours soon

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I have done a few crazy things in my life. I’m about to share with you a story that only the closest people to me know.

Many years ago, I eloped with a boyfriend. And the elopement was the tipping point that both ended a friendship and solidified my relationship with my family.

Here’s my story:

H. and I met when we were in our mid 20’s. When we first started dating, I was getting my master’s degree and living with my parents. He was from another country and studying for his undergraduate degree.

Unfortunately, my parents hated the guy…

Do the opposite to find great men.

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I recently watched an amazing video by Charisma on Command that reminded me, yet again, of how many of us are socialized to date from a young age.

This video discusses Hollywood movies and how love always seems to start with a big bang.

For example, in the movie ‘The Notebook,’ we see the ex that is willing to move heaven and earth to be with us again. Even though we have moved on and are happy with someone else. Did you ever stop to think about the mental health of a guy that will not hear the word no…

Because you just found out that he is not your guy.

It’s exciting when you first start dating someone. You’re working to figure out if the dates could lead to something long-term. As part of that process, you might, at least once, get ‘ghosted’ by someone that you liked and saw potential with.

If you haven’t heard, ghosting is when the person you are dating stops messaging you and is unresponsive to messages or calls. They completely disappear as if they were a ghost.

It has happened to most of us at least once. I am guilty of ghosting men that I no longer saw a connection with. I’ve already written…

Give them a chance.

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If you are dating, you probably have a type. And if you are not having much romantic success, I highly recommend that you try dating outside of that type. Pushing a bit outside of our comfort zones can feel uncomfortable and daunting. But it can also lead to a new awareness about the qualities that you most enjoy in a significant other. And a good way of not taking dates so seriously. You’re on a mission to meet great guys, and filter them down to the right one for you.

Here are 5 guys that I recommend dating:

The Short…

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It is helpful to know your own tendencies

Masculine and feminine consciousness are key forces at play in the world of dating.

Know that every single one of us carries both forms of energy. A man can lead with feminine energy, and a woman can lead with masculine energy. Both sides are needed for us to lead successful and balanced lives.

What exactly is this divine energy?

So let’s delve into what they are and where they come from. When we are born, and as we grow as young children, we are mini-sponges. Our environments are constant sources of stimuli…

Because the line thins as we get older.

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When it comes to dating someone new, do you have to decide between comfort and passion? How do you know if you are being too picky with prospective dates? The short answer is, it depends. Let me give you an example from my own life.

When I first started dating post-divorce in my late 30’s, I knew what I wanted in a mate. He should be handsome, rich, tall, driven, and fun. With that decision, I entered the fairly new world of online dating. …

Because I made a lot of them.

When I first got out there as a single woman after a divorce, I was particular with my online filters. I decided he would be a tall, alpha Indian C-suite executive around my age. Back in the ice ages when I was dating, had a feature that allowed you to restrict your matches based on income. I used this filter often to only look at men making six figures. And I did this for a while.

It did not go well. There were a ton of starts and stops. I met guys that were great on paper. But when…

And how you can get around them

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I’ve been writing for Medium for a few months now. I’m nowhere near the one post a day that is recommended by so many writers. More power to those of you that are able to do this!

Over the last few months, I’ve realized there is a steep learning curve when it comes to being a writer/blogger. Here are some difficulties I encountered, and my suggestions for getting around them. It is so important to overcome these obstacles if you want to get into the elusive 6% club at Medium that earns over $100 a month.

  1. When you are not…

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